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Kartra platform and business
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Imagine having a bag to contain all your marketing options. That bag is Kartra! Kartra platform is software that allows you to sell any product and services from its platform without paying for different marketing software. Is this true, and is it worth your money? Let us crack that nut here.

What is Kartra Platform?

Kartra is an online marketing platform and funnels creation tool that provides you with all the vital tools to run a successful online business. While this is entirely unique from Microsoft teams, Consider it as your online marketing purse. It came into existence in 2018, and since then, it has been helping a pool of entrepreneurs live their dreams.

Created by Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime (well-known online marketers), the site has served as a medium for thousands of business to launch their business from one significant standpoint.

There are many excellent features provided by Kartra: it gives you ready-made templates, email swipes and even landing pages design. Most of all, with it, you can learn all about marketing from Frank Kern, the guru. I guess you did not know that Frank Kern, the king of marketing, is backing this platform.

What can you achieve from Kartra Platform

Kartra is one platform that allows you to enjoy web hosting, email marketing, split testing, designs for landing pages, shopping cart and affiliate with a single account. It takes care of the need of every online entrepreneur. With it, you can have the online business you desire without spending as much time, effort, and money like you did before.

What are the features to expect?

  1. Professional page editor

This tool gives you a fresh page editor. You can get amazing templates with pre-written copy samples to guide you on how to make your pages. It also offers split testing function that is flexible enough to allow you to test your pages, headlines, funnel, and every other thing you want to tweak to your liking.

You will also receive quality help you choose what works and what doesn’t with its split test and real-time analytics. These analytics are closely linked to every part of your business.

  1. Kartra mails

This is the hook that has been keeping many of the users. It is easy to send a customised response to your customers with the inbuilt Kartra automation capability. It also provides you with a builder for your automation workflow though it is not as pleasing as what you find on Drip, ConvertKit, and ActiveCampaign.

You can also apply some other conditions like including or removing tags when a visitor clicks the link, sending follow up emails to your subscribers, and adding and removing subscribers at will.

You can trust Kartra to take care of your email marketing like other platforms for the same purpose they do. It does not send your emails to the spam or promotion folders but will give you the benefits of ClickFunnels.

  1. Marketing campaigns

Kartra provides you with new ready-made campaigns you can use immediately you become a member. You can use the quick launch campaign, list builder campaign, eShop campaign, Kartra master class campaign, and the rest with just a tab.

It is just the complete marketing funnel you have been looking for. It knits every Kartra feature into one sweet system and makes your work easy.

  1. Course and membership platform

Kartra works for services and online courses can thrive with it. It gives limited access to your contents. About its membership building, I believe it is better than that of ClickFunnel. Here, you do not need to search so hard for the tools you need to configure and manage your products as they are readily provided and arranged for you. To make your task more comfortable, it has also offered you with a wizard that guided you throughout the process.

  1. Video hosting

Unlike other tools that only allow links to your video, Kartra lets its marketers host their market-oriented videos on the platform. In the videos, you can include your call to actions to promote your sales. You can also arrange the video into folders for a secure location of the file. Keeping tabs on the other videos your customers are watching and see how they react to yours is not difficult to achieve.

  1. An exceptional helpdesk tool

Though many users do not know, Kartra allows you to create a reliable customer service for your customers. You can use the live agent chat system, knowledge-based management system, and ticketing system.

  1. Affiliate centre

You can use the affiliate programme management system in Kartra to pay incentives to the marketers that help take your goods to the world. With this system, you can create an affiliate sign-up page, develop questionnaires, set payment options and perform other functionalities you desire.

Integrations of Kartra

Kartra has integrated payment gateway, many lovely membership platforms, some SMS settings, and zapier. So, it is easy for customers to make payments, receive emails in the right folders, and even access the system through their zapier account.

What is the cost of using it?

There are five pricing plans on Kartra, and they range from $99 to $699 each month. However, you can start with the 14 days trial at $1. This plan is mainly dependent on the number of leads you have. You can learn more about the subscription policy on Kartra.

Is Kartra Platform good for me?

I would say that Kartra is good for you if what you need right now is a system that can put your buyers through the process of buying. It can also provide all the necessary information to get them to make the purchase.

You will need Kartra Platform if you are a consultant, social media expert, an online course creator, owner of an agency, affiliate marketer, or a service-based entrepreneur.

Since one platform may not work for every kind of trade, I would not recommend Kartra for our eCommerce entrepreneur or those who sell physical products, people with a more massive email list, and those with no product and those in need of get-rich-quick schemes.

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