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A cool buddy of mine had experienced a WhatsApp hack recently. It was devastating seeing that it was his business account. He lost a lot, but his contacts lost the more just becuase he couldn’t protect his Whatsapp.

It can be a very terrible experience to lose your account to hackers. So, who is at risk of being hacked, and how can you protect yourself?

Your friends and contacts will feel the impact of the security breach more. They will experience the first-hand effect of it since the hackers will find means of extorting from them. This, in general, will endanger your reputation and cause you to lose trust. So, since your WhatsApp app is still under your control, find out how to keep it safe from assaulters.

Hacking of your WhatsApp account is avoidable. You just need to know a few buttons to click and guidelines to follow, and you will be just fine.

However, before I get to feed you with what you need to stay safe, let us recognize the tactics of our enemy.

The hacker’s tricks

It all begins when you start seeing adverts of data offers at too low rates. Since people love free thing, they will fall into it and reply to the messages. Since the hackers use the phone numbers of previous victims who may likely be your friend, you may easily fall.

If you fall for the trick, they will send you a code and ask you to resend it to them. Though this sounds stupid, it gives them access to your account. Immediately they get the code form you; it will take them just a few seconds to take over the control of your WhatsApp. This trick is simpler for the hackers than grabbing a glass of water and gulping it down their throat.

You may want to know that the people that are more affected by the WhatsApp hack are those in the contact list of the victim. For hackers, WhatsApp is a means to the end, not the end itself. That is why they use their targets to get more targets.

If you can relate, you will realize that immediately an account is hijacked, the hijacker uses the account to continue his plight. So, for the sake of the love and trust you have, it is important to protect your Whatsapp and keep it safe.

This detailed guide will help you protect your WhatsApp for optimum security.

Use the Two Steps Verification to protect your account

WhatsApp two-step verification is a feature provided by WhatsApp to keep your account safe. Though it is an optional feature, it offers you quality security for your account. Before you receive this protection, you will have to enable this two-step verification. Enabling this verification will make your verification code (which is a six-digit code) to be required whenever you want to verify your phone number. Since WhatsApp demands you verify your phone number when you want to log in with a new device, the hackers will be lost.

WhatsApp is not the only platform that uses the two-step verification. It is also used on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks.

To use the two-step verification on your phone, go to the account settings. Click on the “Two-step verification” and enable. This step by step guide will help you process your two-step verification.

The simple procedure to protect your Whatsapp

Follow the steps given below to enable two-step verification

  • On your device, open the WhatsApp app.
  • On the top right corner of your home page, click the menu tab. Three dots represent this tab.
  • Click on “Settings”
  • After the new page opens, select “Account.”
  • Select the “Two-step verification” tab.
  • Select enable on the two-step verification page.
  • A new screen will come up. There, choose a convenient six-digit passcode.
  • Re-enter the passcode to confirm it.
  • On the screen, enter your email address. However, this is optional.
  • Click on “Done”

With these, you are done with the super-simple process. If you added your email address, it would help you receive a link from WhatsApp that will help you cancel the two-step verification in case you forget your passcode.

Since we acquire many passwords daily, WhatsApp has offered help to enable you to remember your password. In every few weeks, it will ask you to enter the code so that you do not forget. There is no way for you to cancel this frequent request without cancelling the two-step verification.

If without trying to disable your two-step verification, you get a link on your email for you to disable, do not click. It means that someone is trying to tamper with your account.

If you did not include your email and forgot your passcode, WhatsApp will allow you reverify your phone number after seven days. However, you will lose your messages afterwards.

The last key to protect your Whatsapp

According to WhatsApp, you are not expected to share your 6 digit verification code with anybody no matter the amount of trust you have conferred on him or her. This code can only protect you when just you know it. Do you have anyone you wish to protect? Share this message with them. You are safer when they are protected.

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